jelena kevic, questor-log 2089#9929-0a01
since 2025 jelena kevic has been an active member of the archivers guild, an almost unknow branch of librarians guild, located deep within the healthcare-building, third floor underground, worn green door just beside public questors torture chamber. since the early days of big-bloom crisis, she has been fascinated by the level of organization and well-formedness of the postnuclear society. as reported by her nearest kruzok. beneath her working desk, her words, carved, tell us: 'how wonderful it is to have both government and religion so kind, generous and caretaking, when even now, after our very own mistakes, we are allowed to have fun and enjoy the nature'... this carving has accidentally been found by the cleaning inspector, mister Goretsky, one cloudy day 2089. it fell out that most of her office material has been secretly covered by drawings and scribblings of similar content. his righteousness arch-questor Liebling interrogated her on april, 1st 2089, and reported the following: 'it is clear to us now, that this member of our very sensitive administration system, is not sensitive enough to remain on her position prior to the conduct. even worse, it is obvious that she has deliberately used sarcasm in many items of this case.' in her defense speech (protocol nog.338-a2 which is now deprecated, allowed each subject such a favor) she said nothing.
jelena kevic, questor-log 2089#9929-0b01 supplement c
allegedly, sadly no sound proof has been provided during or after the member-removal process, she had been in touch with a heavy water 2nd level test group supervizor, whose name remains occluded. only the initials D or W were mentioned. He, supposedly being a man of numbers and digits (the otherwise is also not excluded, but simply left mystified, due to the lack of any kind of whatsoever solid proof), mayhap he did not understand her fantasies bound to this world (perfect as it is) as to the appearance of sickness and demention. During the november process, steps have been taken to isolate mr D. or W. as individual and to check his social validness. Sadly, the process ended up in being futile. There is no such person, the report concludes.